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British artist Kate Daudy visits Jerash Camp and the meets the SEP team

May 13, 2016

May 2016 - Jerash Camp, Jordan

British artist Kate Daudy visited Jerash camp, the SEP Workshop, the SEP Tamari Academy and got to spend a bit of time with the mother of the SEP operations manager, Nawal Aradeh.
Mrs Aradeh, pictured above on the left, told Ms Daudy about the days she and her family lived happily before the occupation and shared with the artist her most treasured possession: her hand-embroidered traditional dress, that she wore when she was fifteen and that she managed to bring all the way to Jordan from Palestine.
Ms Aradeh was a teenager when she had to leave her home in Gaza; at the time she thought she was going to go back. 

Click to listen to an abstract from her testimony to our guest.

Mrs Aradeh as a young girl, from her family memories files.