Meet the Artist: Huda A.A. SEP/Tamari Academy instructor

Posted on June 14 2016

Huda - SEP Academy Teacher

Huda portrait by Hani Abbas for SEP

Huda has been her family’s little miracle all her life. At the young age of 23, Huda was fully responsible for her ill parents, both physically and financially. Her work as a seamstress and embroiderer at the “Council of Churches Association” in Jerash camp enabled her to afford her parents’ medication and basic home supplies for the whole family.

Huda devoted her life to her family, she never married and worked all her life in order to provide for them.  

She worked at the association for over 20 years and was able to help her siblings with their school related expenses. Once they grew up, she helped them build their homes and start their own families. She also bought a house at the camp for her and her parents. She was at her parents’ beck and call; providing care and covering all expenses. It broke her heart when her father passed away due to his illness. She tried to have faith and stay strong and says she succeeded only because she knew her mother needed her.  

Huda is now 51; she was out of a job when the association stopped operations seven years ago. She is now working as an instructor at the SEP /Tamari Foundation Academy. She was handpicked by SEP operations manager Nawal Aradah and quality control officer Asma Aradah: they chose her for her many years of experience and her superior level of expertise. She is highly meticulous and incredibly detail-oriented.  

Huda gets sharp feelings of nostalgia when she thinks about her time at the Council of Church Association and is thrilled to be working again. She feels the SEP Academy is full of contagious optimism and positive energy. She is particularly grateful to be working again, because her mother has been in need of more medications and medical checkups now that she has aged. Huda feels blessed to have been given this opportunity that takes her back in time to her favorite years and that helps her continue to serve and provide for her mother. 

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