SEP in the press: a feature in Wamda by Tala El Issa

Posted on June 09 2015

Social Enterprises in Gaza Camp, Jordan - analysed by Tala El Issa.

The most relevant point for SEP is the interview to the SEP Manager based in Gaza Camp, Nawal Aradah. ''Nawal Arada, one of SEP’s beneficiaries and project manager in the camp, prefers a small, recurring quantity of money over random big amounts. “To find me a job that matters to me, that I would understand and love… is better than having someone remember me once a year by a box of food, or a blanket,” she said during a phone interview with Wamda.  “I need a salary to support myself, my children and my expenses. I don’t want to stay in an arbitrary situation. The company [SEP] was a savior,” she added''.

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