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Embroidery enjoys a fashion renaissance - by Grace Cook for the FT

September 23, 2015

We love this article by Grace Cook for the FT written back in June this year. Once again an article that encompasses a lot of what SEP stands for. 

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From left: Pucci; Chanel; Valentino; Mary Katrantzou; Dries Van Noten - FT



It’s solitary work that requires a great deal of patience and accuracy. [...]

The skills are worth nurturing. “We are moving closer to a period where uniqueness is increasingly valued and appreciated by consumers,” says Van Noten. Embroidery is the antithesis of mass production; each piece a labour of love, and one of a kind.

Aquazzura’s Osorio agrees. “Embroidery can make something very simple and banal, unique and ravishing. It brings it to life.”``