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Every Refugee is a Hero - World Refugee Day 2020

Every Refugee is a Hero - World Refugee Day 2020

Posted on June 18 2020

Fashion influencer and entrepreneur Mira Duma said, following her visit to the SEP workshop in Jerash camp:

"I discovered that true heroes exists: they have their own stories and face trials, which most of us would struggle to bear. Their superpowers are: perseverance and making sure that the world takes notice, one stitch at a time"

(starting from minute 1:16 in this video👇)


Every refugee is a hero.

At SEP we celebrate every refugee's resilience every day, together with the hundreds of SEP customers around the world.

Everyone who carries a SEP creation is making a statement, is carrying the story of the artist who embroidered it: on World Refugee Day, June 20, the whole SEP team, all 560 artists, would like to thank YOU all for your love, for your respect and for your admiration, which is changing our life - one stitch at a time!


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