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Forbes Middle East SEP Feature - by Nayera Yasser

Forbes Middle East SEP Feature - by Nayera Yasser

Posted on July 05 2018

"As dawn breaks, calls to prayers resound within the neighborhood followed by children buzzing between their homes and the UNRWA school.

In 1968 this neighborhood, which is better known as Gaza camp today, made global headlines as an emergency solution for 11,500 Palestinians, who were displaced from their homes one morning. Not so far from the historic Roman ruins of Jerash, thousands of families have since been living without a staple source of income and an average of five to ten kids per family.

That was the scene into which Roberta Ventura – an Italian investment banker -walked in to one morning in 2013. “I was advising an NGO on expansion plans for their after-school programs and I decided to fund the due-diligence work on Jerash “Gaza” camp.” But when she reached there, Ventura understood that the needs of the camp were quite different. “Camp residents told me clearly that rather than see yet another NGO launching at the camp, they wished to get opportunities to work and lead a dignified life; while waiting to go back home.”(...)"

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