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Make this a Meaningful Christmas: our top Ethical Gifts list

Make this a Meaningful Christmas: our top Ethical Gifts list

Posted on October 18 2020

Assuming not ALL your Christmas gifts this year will be from SEP, we selected a host of other ethical brands, which create super cool objets or services, guaranteed to make your 2020 Christmas a truly MEANINGFUL one! 

Many of the brands we chose for you are, like SEP Jordan, certified B Corporations. More than 100,000 businesses have signed up for the B Corp Impact Assessment since its launch in 2006, but only 2,500 companies—brands like Ben & Jerrys, Patagonia, the Guardian, Kickstarter, and AllBirds, along with SEP—are certified B Corps. The B Corp status is an effective way for you, the customers, to identify shared values with these brands.

We know that you like shopping with impact, hence we decided to scout for brands which have a solid ethos and whose products we LOVE:

1. SOKO:

SOKO are a women-led, people-first ethical jewellery brand and tech-powered manufacturing platform built to connect artisans in Kenya with the global market. All materials are recycled or reclaimed.



Socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless shelters. Bombas set out to change that by donating one brand new pair of socks for every pair purchased.


3. VEJA:

These Brazilian ecological sneakers have been getting more and more popular over the last few years. Founded in 2005, Veja uses a transparent supply chain, fair-trade sourcing, organic materials and zero chemicals.



Kusaga Athletic is a pioneer in the ethical and sustainable apparel space, pushing profit for purpose. The athletic brand aims to use the latest innovative textiles, for example The Greenest Tee is made from a unique blend of natural fibres without compromising practicality. Considering nearly all athletic apparel is made of plastic which ends up in the ocean as microfibers, innovative athletic apparel is essential.



Nimble is shifting the tech industry in a positive direction through their innovative products, one for one tech recycling program, and eco-friendly materials. Nimble’s Tech for Good products include eco-friendly wireless chargers, phone cases made from recycled water bottles, eco-conscious fast charge kits, and more.


The Choba Choba farmers are co-owners of the chocolate brand. They don’t simply sell cacao anymore, but bring their own chocolates directly to you. With Choba Choba you buy your chocolate just like your organic veggies at the local farmer’s market.


Be well, stay safe and enjoy the run up to Christmas 2020,

The SEP Jordan Team



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