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I am a fan  #whyiSEP

I am a fan #whyiSEP

Posted on February 21 2019



We are proud to launch the "I am a fan" filter, inspired by SEP Ambassador Maurizio Lualdi.

This is a way for us to thank YOU, for having helped SEP Jordan grow and be where we are today!

The SEP brand culture relies on teamwork and inclusion. We are growing, because of our Ambassadors and Customers - who are part of the SEP community and brand value. You spread the word, and address issues that impact the well-being of so many, by changing the perception of refugees around the world.

I am a fan filter is an acknowledgment of being part of the SEP community, and it is a way to let others know that the 400 SEP artists do exist and create magical accessories! This filter also creates a connection between YOU and the artist who embroidered your fashion or lifestyle accessory: she is most probably on social media and will be filled with pride seeing you wear it or own it 😎

We stand together; and you are part of the activities that help hundreds of refugees in Jordan, support their well-being, and offer opportunities to share their talents. 

How does it work?

  • Snap a picture wearing SEP at any of our locations, at home, at work, or anywhere - and send it to us on Instagram.
  • We will add the “I am a fan” filter.
  • Tag SEP @SEP, @sepjordan in the picture and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with the hashtag #whyiSEP #everystitchtellsastory Let’s make these hashtags trend!

Wherever you live, by being a SEP fan, you have a huge power to help the vulnerable, and provide an opportunity that otherwise wouldn't be there (with SEP, you can do that, while wearing a precious accessory).

The SEP Team xx

PS: You can also download the filter:

Square for Instagram Feed:


Vertical for Instagram Story:




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