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Meet the Artist: A.A.A.

Meet the Artist: A.A.A.

Posted on July 14 2020

SEP Artist AAA managed to see her mother again, after 10 years apart. 

A was born and grew up as a refugee in Saida, Lebanon, until she moved to Jordan to marry her cousin in Jerash camp, 10 years ago. Her mother still lives in Lebanon and has a deteriorating osteoporosis, for which she had a series of failed surgeries in the past. A borrowed enough money from SEP to be able to visit her mother for 20 days: her loan will be paid back, of course with no interest, through her future embroidery work.

Two weeks ago A's mum had a new operation and new joint was put in place: hopefully A's mother will be able to walk again. A could come back to Jordan with a lighter heart.

A is 38 years old and has 6 children. Her husband is a day worker and he looked after their children, with the support of his mother, while she was in Lebanon.

A's message to her mother:
"Today, mum, I did the impossible to reach you after 10 years of asking and looking for someone to help me reach you. Mum, I got a loan so I can come and see you, stand by your side, and support you during your thigh joint operation.
Mama, I wish you a speedy recovery and health, and may God bless your life".

Nada Syam, a precious SEP team member, interviewed A and dedicated this blog post's cover to her - with a poem by Mahmoud Darwish, sung in the below video by Marcel Khalife:




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