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The Blacklist: Raymond gifts Dembe a SEP keffiyeh scarf

The Blacklist: Raymond gifts Dembe a SEP keffiyeh scarf

Posted on May 10 2020

 The Blacklist, the iconic Netflix series, features a beautiful SEP "May" keffiyeh scarf, which Raymond gifts Dembe in Season 7, Episode 11. Here is a spoiler-free 2min clip showing the moment when Dembe - played by Hisham Tawfiq - receives the surprise scarf, unfolds and wears it immediately:


Each SEP keffyieh is a piece unique, but you can pick a scarf like Dembe's here:


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  • Midori: July 30, 2020

    I love the scarf which I just bought with the kind help from your staff. She was very helpful and I appreciate your quick delivery too! I and my husband just watched the above mentioned Blacklist episode without knowing the Dembe’s birthday gift was the same scarf I have bought.
    Made me very excited, but one thing I would like to point out is that the character’s name who gives the scarf to Dembe is not ‘Jonathan’, it’s Raymond which played by James Spader…. Love your product though. Midori

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