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SEP Jordan X Mandarin Oriental Spa: how the exclusive collection came to life.

SEP Jordan X Mandarin Oriental Spa: how the exclusive collection came to life.

Posted on November 16 2019


Mandarin Oriental Hotels - ultimate luxury, grand lifestyle, world famous hotel brand, a logo: the 11 golden blades fan. 

The first MO Hotel was established in Hong Kong in 1963 and to this day it carries a unique atmosphere of orientalism, with the Spa an absolute destination for visitors and locals alike.   

Little do we know about the original fan, a historical piece of Chinese fine and intricate Art.


 Could this beauty be turned and twisted in the hands of SEP Jordan’s artists using the cross-stitching technique? That challenge from the Spa team to reinterpret the original fan and embroider accessories has been an astonishing adventure. It took SEP Jordan’s artists several months to work on a design, trying out different styles and patterns with the constraint of the fan shapes. Nawal Aradeh, SEP’s production manager  and keen artist, came up with a floral design at the crossroads between far eastern and the middle eastern talents.

Get to know Nawal HERE.

Natural fibers were picked, non-dyed linen bags and pouches for a modern yet versatile support to the chic design.

It took also 60 artists to embroider the accessories in a little less than 3 months, one stitch at a time, from Jerash Jordan to Hong Kong, from the SEP house in Jordan to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Spa HK, the art of bringing a bespoke collection to life, of bringing hope and a future to artists who are refugees.


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