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SEP shopping by Color Story

SEP shopping by Color Story

Posted on March 23 2020

Can we tempt you with a little SEP colour boost?

Each item you buy will contribute 20$ to buying medicines for Jerash camp, for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis!

The SEP2020 collection proposes several color stories. We start with AVIO BLUE, featuring 4 comfortable and cozy hand-embroidered creations (while stock lasts, as we are not currently producing!).




MADE51 X UNHCR Blue Linen Shawl:

  Short Tunic Dress:

"Don't Give Up" Shirt:


 SDG#12 Canvas Bag: 




A great classic, here is our NAVY BLUE selection for 2020:


SEP BLACK selection for 2020:


SEP BURGUNDY selection for 2020:

SEP PURPLE selection for 2020:

SEP RED selection for 2020:


SEP BURNT ORANGE selection for 2020:


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