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Soft of hard lockdown? How to spend your screentime?

Soft of hard lockdown? How to spend your screentime?

Posted on November 04 2020

Whether you are stuck in a refugee camp in Jordan, or at home in Geneva, the perspective of a second lockdown raises one key question: how will I stay sane?

May we suggest making the most of this freeze of time in the following ways:

1. quality time with family (off-screen time)

2. me-time: reading, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises

3. feel useful: there are so many causes you can support from your sofa! 

4. meaningful online shopping (as opposed to "just" online shopping)

And of course, SEP shopping falls within the "meaningful shopping" category. As SEP Ambassador Paula Pellerito put it, La differenza che mi ha portato a sposare SEP, oltre alla qualità dei prodotti, è che non danno aiuti ma creano lavoro. Lavoro per le donne. E questo è quello che mi ha colpito di più.” "The reason why I love SEP is that, besides the products quality, they do not provide aid in a refugee camp, but they create jobs. Jobs for women. And that is what I love the most.”, Folco Gervasutti for Startupitalia


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