The Ethical Wedding of Sinéad O'Sullivan

The Ethical Wedding of Sinéad O'Sullivan

Posted on May 23 2019


We are happy to see a growing number of ethical initiatives. One of the loveliest and most exciting was by our beloved SEP Ambassador and costume designer Sinéad O'Sullivan.

Sinéad works with Academy Award Winner Jacqueline Durran: she discovered SEP and worked with the 27 dedicated SEP artists in producing costumes for the Hollywood movie Mary Magdalene for several months. We loved every minute of it: caring, emphatic, talented, an absolute pleasure to work with ❤️

About a month ago Sinéad had her wedding. She made it beautiful in an unexpected way (not surprising to us, but cutting edge for many!).

Her wedding did not just have meaning, but real message and depth.

By planning every small detail and with her fresh ideas, she used this personal event to help change the world. During her three day party she worked with only ethical brands and constantly thought about the impact of her party on the environment.

Her dress went against the fashion grain, made by her friend Malin Anderson using Taroni silk and English tulle that she has recycled from a previous work.

Her bag was the SEP Murano clutch bag featuring a traditional Palestinian pattern, originally from Ramallah. It made a uniquely interesting statement with her dress!

For her civil ceremony she wore a lovely jumpsuit from Wolf & Badger and Oxfam shoes. 

On the second day of the celebration, she had a jumpsuit from HEWI London and Veja trainers on…

For the celebratory meal Travancore from Stoke Newington provided an authentic Keralan sadhya. This food is of Hindu origin, consisting of a variety of traditional vegetarian dishes served on a banana leaf.

The drinks came from Ireland’s original artisan distillery: Dingle Distillery to pay homage to Sinéad’s Irish heritage.

The “Wildly Inventive Creative Event Caterer” Jimmy Garcia Catering organized the dining concept, and Urban Flower Co took care of the botanical art decoration. 

The beer was supplied by the independent brewery from South London - Villages Brewery, and the music & entertainment was taken care by the Soul Funk band Flo Collective.

Sinéad even thought of recycling and sorted out the event's compost and waste with the help of Pale Green Dot. Her cutlery was provided by Biotrem.

The scientist/ farmer-forager/ chef duo - The Sustainable Food Story helped connecting the guests to ecology through storytelling meals, and the wonderful photos were done by London photographer Karla Gowlett. The bride’s cousin helped with her with her glowing make-up. 

The flights for the multi-cultural family were offset via the climate neural company - Climate Care.


If you got inspired, and would also like to have a more conscious wedding - you can, by implementing small changes.

  • Look for where your products came from, and who made them.
  • Use less & recycle.

Don't forget: great things are done by many small things brought together!