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The SEP 2019 Moodboard

The SEP 2019 Moodboard

Posted on January 18 2019

The SEP Ambassador is going to wear pastel colours in 2019: the SEP hand-embroidery and fabric pallets will allow for her sweeter and more assertive sides to co-exist harmoniously.

Green layering and the oversized look are very much ON👍. Beware: The green embroidered keffiyeh, the green SEP X Vanja Jocic beret and the poppy pouch are Limited Editions, sure to sell-out fast!



Pink, Lavender, Rose, Lilac are the stars of the SS19 runways 🌸, visit the Carouge boutique or contact us for a private virtual tour of our novelties and piece unique selections:

Some call it Aspen Gold, some call it pastel yellow, we love calling it mustard ✨

Yes, another piece unique: this mustard shawl is indeed the only one in existence. 

Happy Shopping and #mutualhappiness to you all!




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