Top 3 Gifts for HER

Posted on September 21 2017

Top 3 Gifts for HER

 1. Embroidered Cashmere Poncho

We all have a favorite top: the SEP cashmere poncho has become a “Linus Blanket” for so many SEPpers! Easy-to-wear, super-soft, incredibly light, with its neutral colors it just fits with everything – the embroidery makes each piece special. No piece is like another: make HER feel unique, with a unique, wearable, piece of art.

embroidered shawl

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 2. Bianca’s Embroidered Kuffyieh

Bianca Balti chose to wear hers with a stylish black suit in winter and as a pareo with her swimsuit in summer. Easy to match with any outfit, whether she is wearing jeans, blue, black or red. Every embroidered stripe is different in color and pattern, so make sure to let us know what HER favorite color is and we’ll make sure to make it a wonderful, thoughtful surprise!

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3. Black-on-Black Embroidered Kuffyieh

You cannot go wrong with this one: every girl likes black. The SEP total-black kuffyieh dresses-up HER casual outfits and gives a fun twist to HER formal dresses: a real staple. When it comes to the embroidered corner, let us know your favorite pattern and HER favorite color and we will make your wish come true.

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