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WHAT STORY ARE YOU WEARING? The story behind the campaign

WHAT STORY ARE YOU WEARING? The story behind the campaign

Posted on September 23 2018


In a sea of high-end brands, SEP creates and sells unique pieces which carry the emotions of the artist who embroiders them, rigorously deploying top quality materials and craftsmanship. The SEP team worked with Ogilvy-MEMAC to propose a new narrative, whereby you will ask, “WHAT STORY ARE YOU WEARING?” rather than “what BRAND are you wearing?”. 

12 powerful images, 12 Entrepreneurs and Activists wearing with pride a hand-embroidered SEP Jordan creation:  

Elisa Sednaoui-Dellal, Bianca Balti, Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, Sirine Abu Ghazaleh, Selin Atlas, Hortense Decaux,Vicky Ngari Wilson, Scarlett Wilson, Corinna Linzas, Veronica De Piante, Johanna Maggy, Samia Johnson. 

In the background, black&white, for the first time seen in public are the official UNRWA archive images dating back to the 1960's, when Jerash Camp was created in Jordan to host refugees fleeing Gaza from after the 1967 war. Cross-stitched on a textured backdrop are SEP Jordan's registered patterns, Alhambra®, Koutubia®, Sultan Han®, inspired by Islamic Art masterpieces.

Discover the images, which will bring you back to 1968 and then fast forward to today, when 350 SEP artists hold their heads high, proud of their talent, heritage, roots and community. Be part of the SEP story, feel the energy of each artist by touching the embroideries, be a SEP Ambassador and let's break stereotypes together! 

This campaign would not have been possible, without the support of DFID and their Jordan agency, AWEF.


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