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Koutubia Canvas Bag



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Versatile cotton tote bag with an internal pocket, large A4 size, laptop friendly.

Featuring a generous size hand-embroidery.

Koutubia: the Kutubia pattern was first featured in a minbar, which was ordered in Córdoba on the first day of Muharram 532 AH (September 19, 1137) for the congregational mosque in Marrakech. It was most probably ordered by the ruling Almoravid sultan, 'Ali ibn Yusuf, son and successor of the Berber amir Yusuf ibn Tashufin, whose long, 36-year reign is generally regarded as one of the most brilliant in the history of the Muslim West. Each of the triangular sides of the Kutubiyya minbar is decorated with a geometric pattern of intersecting bands, which outline a design of irregular polygons of four different shapes: two sizes of eight-pointed star, known as khatam, or "seal [of Solomon]"; an elongated hexagon with triangular projections on the long sides, known as mitraqa, or "hammer"; and an irregular Y-shaped, six-pointed star, known as difda'a—and colloquially in Morocco as jarana, or "frog." A Quranic inscription on the minbar says: "He brings them forth from the shadows into the light."


Khaki canvas. Dimensions: tote 38x30x14cm, inside cotton pocket.

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