6 Shades on Gray Keffiyeh


Choose the base color and let the SEP artists surprise you with a pattern or send us your preference at info@sepjordan.com!
Embroidered by Hand
Each one is unique
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*** NEW *** Stylish colored keffiyeh scarf featuring mixed hand embroidered SEP patterns on one corner: 6 shades on a gray/blue background. 

Each scarf is hand-embroidered according to the taste and mood of the artist, therefore no scarf is identical to another.

Pick one of 6 keffiyeh pattern colour: blue, burgundy, gold, olive green, rust, black and let our artists surprise you with the embroidery color they choose for you.

By all means, please do send us an email if you have a strong pattern/color preference: we will do our best to accommodate!

122x122cm, poly/acrylic, machine wash delicate
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