Emirates Woman April 2016 SEP Feature

Emirates Woman April 2016 SEP Feature

Posted on April 01 2016

Q. What's your favourite piece from your new collection?
The Asma linen shawl, it is such a pass-partout! I wear it from the boardroom to the ballroom and always get asked where I got it from.
Q. What's your biggest source of inspiration?
I find geometric art relaxing and therapeutic: from ancient or contemporary Islamic artworks, to the perfect geometry of traditional embroidered patterns.
Q. What item are you lusting over right now? 
Alaia beige suede desert boots.
Q. What item would be in your fantasy fashion cupboard?
A 70's Bill Blass cocktail dress I have been looking for everywhere!
Q. Who would you love to dress?
Jackie Kennedy Onassis was the epitome of timeless elegance. 
Q. If you weren't a designer, what would you be?
A portfolio manager - I'm cheating here as I've been one for years - the stock market allows for much more fantasy than one would expect. 
Q. What's your favourite store to visit in Dubai?
I've bought from Boutique 1 online and I love how they have exclusives by amazing designers and how they constantly spot new and emerging talent.
Q. In three words, describe the style in Dubai.
I have never been but from what I read and see, it looks like a bustling melting-pot.
Q. What's your greatest achievement so far?
Working with 400 ladies in a refugee camp and bringing their inner beauty to the world. 
Q. What's your motto?
Every stitch tells a story! Next time you see a SEP embroidered item, I suggest you try to feel the stitches with your fingers and then look at each and every one of them. Chaos and order, all the emotions of the artists are there.

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