Refugees Welcome - September 2015: SEP opens its doors to Syrian Refugees

Posted on September 19 2015

Dear Readers and SEP followers, 

the 300+ team of SEP artisans in Jerash ''Gaza'' Camp feel strongly that Syrian refugees who are looking for a new life in Europe should be supported and given opportunities. ''They deserve to live'', in the words of our Camp manager Nawal.

One of our core values is ''SEP producers are at the heart of what we do''. It will be logistically challenging, but we are all willing to focus on this new project: we will gather indications of interest from Refugees who have received Asylum and those whose Asylum status is pending, we will assess their work, we will look for cooperations with local ngo's as well as international organisations for logistics, and we hope this will ever improve our product range. We aim to allocate new projects to the Syrian artisans who will become part of the SEP team, as we continue to build up our presence in Jerash, Jordan, which is not yet working at full capacity. 

We hope more companies in the private sector will identify skills which the thousands of displaced Syrian refugees are bringing to Europe and will detect how substantially they can contribute to the host countries' GDP. 

The Application process: 

- Download this form

- Return the filled-in form to info@sepjordan.com

- We will get back once we have enough enrolled artisans in your area and organise an assessment

- We aim to start production once we reach teams of minimum 15 ladies per area (within a 3km range)

How can you help: 

- share this post as widely as possible

- if you would like to help with quality control, logistics, coordination within the main European countries, please email us on: info@sepjordan.com

- are you a retailer? we would be delighted to share with you our production pipeline, which will hopefully meet your requirements. 

- are you a fashion designer? please do take a look at our current lines and contact us if you have great new product ideas which you would like to contribute. 

Thank you all for sharing this post widely and making this happen!

The SEP Team


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