Did you know that the pocket squares were born as SEP Artists’ exam material?

Did you know that the pocket squares were born as SEP Artists’ exam material?

Posted on March 14 2019


The SEP-TAMARI ACADEMY was founded in Jerash Camp in 2016, with the support of the Tamari Foundation from Geneva. At the Academy we have trained hundreds of artists in the arts of embroidery, up to the highest international standards. When Academy students finish their embroidery classes, they have to prove their expertise and create a perfect piece of embroidery art. Only after passing this exam they will become SEP Artists and will work on your orders.


The exam consists of embroidering squares of linen and cotton. For their exam, SEP textiles students recreate existing registered SEP embroidery patterns such as Koutubia®, Sultan Han®, Putrajaya®, and Alhambra®. The quality control is in–depth and the results are beautiful. They have to be! Passing the exam requires lots of attention and care.



For a long time, we have viewed these works as part of our story, and proudly showed them to you. Anytime they were seen we got a very positive feedback. You often got inspired by their colors and shapes for your bespoke orders. 


Then one day, a SEPper like you put one in his pocket and said “These pocket squares are perfect!” - and our pocket squares were born! Together, we created something new, and added utility to a piece of delicate cloth that already had a great meaning.


This month we have launched these pocket squares online and at our stores in Geneva and Amman. All piece unique, signed by the artist who created them, they are quickly becoming one of our best-sellers! They reflect passion, know-how, and tell you a story that possibilities are endless…All we need is a fresh perspective.

Talking of fresh perspective, who needs a tie any more? Dress-up with a SEP pocket-square: much cooler.


Shop the pocket square collection here >


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