SEPpers' Fashion Revolution

SEPpers' Fashion Revolution

Posted on March 28 2019

It’s time for a fashion revolution!

Fashion Revolution campaigns for a fashion industry that conserves and restores our environment and gives people, especially women, a voice. Our values are aligned with Fashion Revolution, as we too work for a fashion industry where dignity in work is the standard, not an exception.

Fashion Revolution week starts the 22nd of April and for this occasion we planned to do something very special in collaboration with Giving Women. Our new initiative will run for two weeks until the 5th of May, limited to the SEP shop at Rue Vautier 31, in Geneva!

SEP artists are experts of embroidery and we wanted to combine their talent with the notion of upcycling!

We were playing around with this idea for some time, and finally we made it happen!

For two weeks only, you have the opportunity to create something new out of your clothes; and this will not be only great for the planet, but also very satisfying. Our artists will add embroidery to your existing designs. Reimagining your clothes will create a unique item, one that has your own stamp, and it also allows you to get into a creative flow. You will feel great about creating something, having something that feels new, and at the same time doing good!

So bring to our SEP shop the clothes that you love and want to love more, those that you are bored of, or the items you did not wear for a long time! You will choose the pattern and the colors you love and let the SEP artists in Jordan embroider your clothes for you.

These clothes will spark a conversation wherever you go in them; and remember you are part of a movement that supports women, artists who are refugees, and takes clothes out of the waste stream!

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