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Alhambra: inspired by the Palace walls...


Alhambra Resort Collection

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Alhambra City Collection

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Palestinian embroidery has a long history of diverse motifs and patterns, and Palestine’s position on trade routes meant that it was exposed to a range of international influences.  SEP’s new collection marries this great textile tradition with patterns inspired by one of the most beautiful and well known monuments in Europe, the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. The collection remains true to tradition in the use of cross stitch, yet contemporary in style.  

Built in the 12th century by Muslim rulers, the Alhambra has become one of Spain’s main attractions, famous for its intricate embellishment and decoration. The Palace is adorned with geometric and floral patterns, each symbolising an element of the cosmos or serving as a reminder of the green gardens and flora of paradise, and this collection sees a blissful marriage of two very sophisticated histories, heritages and art forms. The traditional Palestinian cross stitch lends itself wonderfully to interlacing geometry and floral patterns.

Carefully designed, intricately hand embroidered and the soft sumptuousness of Italian linen and cashmere, we bring you a piece of Palestine via Andalucía. We hope you love this collection as much as we do; ethical, fair trade and beautiful, let these one off products take you on a journey culminating in a unique and precious statement.

Intro by Shaheen Kasmani, SK Designs