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Koutubia Embroidered Cushion Cover

Koutubia Embroidered Cushion Cover

SFr. 150 CHF


The Koutubia cushion dresses up your living room, with its lively and stylish colours.

Standard size 45x45

Can be made bespoke in any dimension and colour for you, just email us on

The Kutubiyya minbar - the inspiration of this new SEP pattern - was ordered in Córdoba in 1137 for the congregational mosque in Marrakech. It was most probably ordered by the ruling Almoravid sultan, 'Ali ibn Yusuf, whose 36-year reign is generally regarded as one of the most brilliant in the history of the Muslim West.

Each of the triangular sides of the Kutubiyya minbar is decorated with a geometric pattern of intersecting bands, which outline a design of irregular polygons of four different shapes: two sizes of eight-pointed star, known as khatam, or "seal [of Solomon]"; an elongated hexagon with triangular projections on the long sides, known as mitraqa, or "hammer"; and an irregular Y-shaped, six-pointed star, known as difda'a—and colloquially in Morocco as jarana, or "frog." A Quranic inscription on the minbar says: "He brings them forth from the shadows into the light."