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Koutubia® Embroidered Cushion Cover



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The Koutubia® cushion dresses up your home, with its lively and stylish colours.

The Kutubiyya minbar - the inspiration of this new SEP pattern - was ordered in Córdoba in 1137 for the congregational mosque in Marrakech. It was most probably ordered by the ruling Almoravid sultan, 'Ali ibn Yusuf, whose 36-year reign is generally regarded as one of the most brilliant in the history of the Muslim West. Each of the triangular sides of the Kutubiyya minbar is decorated with a geometric pattern of intersecting bands, which outline a design of irregular polygons of four different shapes: two sizes of eight-pointed star, an elongated hexagon with triangular projections on the long sides, and an irregular Y-shaped, six-pointed star, known as difda'a—and colloquially in Morocco as jarana, or "frog." A Quranic inscription on the minbar says: "He brings them forth from the shadows into the light."

Can be made bespoke in any dimension and colour for you. If your preferred colour is sold-out, just email us on and we'll arrange it for you.

Size: 45x45cm (standard size)

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