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The Hana Shirt

The Hana Shirt

SFr. 228 CHF


By popular demand, SEP and Rasha Odeh Designs are proud to launch the ''Hana'' shirt. 

The modern fitted cut shirt was designed and created by Rasha Odeh, Living Well Award Winning Fashion Designer of the Year  for 2017, in her Amman workshop with locally sourced materials. 

The rose pattern is Hana Bushnaq's creation, inspired by modern color combinations and by the contrast between the army style fabric of the shirt and the soft, dreamy, peaceful message brought by rose flowers. 

Rasha Odeh will create and the SEP Artists in Jerash camp will embroider your shirt as soon as you order it, with love, accuracy and passion and turn it into a unique piece of art.

Expected worldwide delivery timeframe: 4-6 weeks from receipt of your order.

S: 10UK

M: 12UK

L: 14UK