Life of a SEP Ambassador...

Life of a SEP Ambassador...

Posted on May 07 2018

Meet Helen Al Uzaizi. Helen is a mother of 2, triathlete, entrepreneur and adventurer who believes in making dreams come to life and that anything is possible.

In Dubai this week, sitting on a panel to chat about Women Empowerment and strategies the MENA region and each of us can deploy to support Arab women: 

Helen is the CEO of BizWorld UAE, Egypt, and Jordan, social enterprises that teach kids entrepreneurship skills. She is also the Founder of Future Entrepreneurs, a platform that aims to empower youth entrepreneurs in MENA. She is a Certified Marketing Executive (CME) who studied Law & Politics at the University of Manchester and completed her Executive Education at Columbia University.

We have spotted her wearing a different SEP hand-embroidered scarf at every event she has been attending recently: what a wonderful feeling, to travel the world with you Helen!

Helen's keynote speech at the E7 Daughter of the Emirates Graduation this week. 


Helen on air at Dubai's biggest Radio Show, The Kris Fade Show on Virgin Radio Dubai 

From her Facebook page: "In light of everything going on around us these days, from Gaza to Syria...

The biggest gift we can give refugees is the opportunity for a dignified life.

An opportunity to be productive citizens, to live fulfilled lives and be the best that they can be, despite the circumstances that they found themselves in.

That is what SEP does... Working with Palestinian and Syrian refugee women in the camps to produce incredibly beautiful, high quality, stunning pieces of art sold all around the world; from Harrods in London, to Boutique 1 in Dubai, to Geneva and Hollywood... taking the work from refugee camps, to the world".

Instagram: @haluzaizi

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