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The story behind the SEP PATTERNS:

Each SEP creation is born out of a unique marriage between modern stylish colours, materials, moods and the heritage, the history represented by each pattern.

We research and develop each pattern, to make sure we stay true to its roots: the registered patterns Alhambra®, Koutubia®, Putrajaia®, Sultan Han® are cross-stitch adaptations of masterpieces of architecture; their original objective was to re-create the perfection of our Creator by the means of art. We try to do just that, by the hands of a SEP artist, each time we embroider one of our creations. 

The traditional Palestinian patterns talk about villages, ceremonies, heritage; they talk about the roots which are so hard to protect, when you are a refugee, away from your home. This is precisely what SEP endeavour to protect and treasure, with each of our creations.

Flip through our registered patterns and the best-selling Palestinian patterns HERE

bespoke patterns hand-embroidered customised embroidery alhambra embroidery bespoke embroidery by hand

Universal Pictures Movie Marie Magdalene, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, Release March 2018:

The SEP Team was honoured to work with The Costume Directory and award-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran and to create all of the movie's costume embroideries. The costume designers provided SEP with ancient biblical days patterns and precise instructions and the magic fingers of the SEP Artists did the rest: voila' a trip back in time to Biblical Jerusalem. 


 rooney mara joaquin phoenix movie, sep embroidery sep embroidery for mary magdalene movie  

February 2018 - Ambiente Fair, Frankfurt: SEP Jordan launch a new line in collaboration with UNHCR's MADE51.

Incredibly luscious Cariaggi cashmere throws, featuring crochet flower insets, hand-made by a group of experienced and talented artists who live in the Azraq refugee camp.

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