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New York Fashion Week: Color trends

New York Fashion Week: Color trends

Posted on February 18 2019

New York Fashion Week for FW 2019 has come and gone, but the buzz surrounding the runway and memorable moments are still strong. We were happy to observe that SEP has stayed on top of color trends this season too.

Shades of red with beige, black, and grey muted undertones warmed our hearts this fashion week. This lucky color that signifies love, and prosperity was the choice of many designers, like Tom Ford. These color shades are also reflected in our accessories including keffiyehs and hats.


Deep green colors, were seen combined with khaki, and a pop of color on the runway. Dior, and Missoni were some of the well-known names focusing on these hues. This color is also a signature SEP Color seen in our hand-embroidered bags, coats, and shirts.


Exclusive colorways included different orange and coral hues . The refreshing update in colors are going to be an influence seen not only in active-wear as seen at Adidas x Stella McCartney-  but also in formalwear, and outerwear. SEP's love for coral has been approved. Again.

Purple hues - including lilac and violet were a staple on the runway this season, making several unique appearances. We saw the color in multiple collections, like at Tom Ford, and Nanushka. This hue is enhancing the beauty of our cashmere shawls and ponchos.


The multicolor color trend is alive and well. Sies Marjan used bold and bright rainbow-hued pieces, and Margiela also reflected in genderfluid ensambles a mix of eclectic colors. These colors recall our keffiyehs and soft pouch.


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