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Keffiyeh Scarf

Wearing a keffiyeh is wearing a clothing item as old as thousands of years. It is its story, blurred into history, that makes every keffiyeh unique. The valleys and the light of the Middle East are deeply entangled with its fabric and patterns.

Choosing our keffiyeh means carrying around, with simplicity, a touch of oriental bright colours that will set you apart and bring back the production of this traditional headdress back where it belongs.

Keffiyeh Scarf:  unique hand-embroidered products 

A fashion statement that transcends political, religious, cultural boundaries, as recognised by the Who's Next Selection at Paris Premiere Classe Fair. 

Like our Shawls they are hand-embroidered with great care by the SEP Artists in Jerash camp. Each of our keffiyeh is unique and will become your must-wear accessory.

Pick between the hand-finished Jordanian or Palestinian scarf, the Jordan-made Multicolour & black-on black scarf or the coloured May keffiyeh: match it with your outfit and mood.

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