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About us


The SEP Artists

The SEP artists

Most of the SEP Artists are refugees who live in Jordan’s Jerash “Gaza” refugee camp and work alongside a group of Syrian refugees, who are settled in the Jerash municipality. They delicately hand-embroider a range of accessories with geometric patterns inspired by Islamic geometry and Palestinian heritage. They are at the heart of what we do! The Artists are trained at the SEP-Tamari Foundation Academy and paid weekly, above market rates, for each creation they produce - allowing them to earn a living & provide for their families and community.

Positive social impact is the core of our SEP mission.

Our flagship boutique

Our flagship boutique

SEP understands that consumers are now more conscious than ever about making ethical purchases. When you buy a SEP creation, you make a concrete change in the lives of our craftswomen, providing them not only with self sufficiency but also a sense of pride, self esteem & dignity.

We believe in creating & fostering this mutual happiness.

Opened in 2018, our Geneva boutique, carries an array of luxury fashion & household accessories - they’re all truly one of a kind. Come on in, see it for yourself, be inspired, create change. We’d love to see you!

Our SEP keffiyehs

Our SEP keffiyeh

SEP’s stylish, exclusive, key fashion accessory & best-seller item is the keffiyeh.
Pronounced kef - fi - yeh, no two keffiyeh’s are ever alike. Each artist, craftswoman will choose her own colours & pattern, delicately hand-embroidering each piece, creating a unique fashion statement imbued with distinctive individual personality, emotions & taste. Each creation is then signed, for you.

At SEP we love the idea that every stitch you wear tells a unique story.

Social Enterprise Project

About us

SEP stands for Social Enterprise Project.
We are a fashion & lifestyle business with a social impact focus.
SEP was the first Jordanian private company to set up in the Jerash “Gaza” Camp in Jordan. We work with artists, craftswomen, who happen to be refugees.
What makes us different is that we work with the camp residents as artists, rather than recipients of aid. We have the privileged opportunity to create sustainable paths to economic independence for hundreds of women & their families.


SEP Impact


Roberta Ventura

Roberta is based in Geneva; she brings to the table a twenty-year career in Investment Banking and Asset Management and a Degree with Hons in Business Administration at Bocconi University.
cfo/business development

Economist from Bocconi University and the London School of Economics. Stefano's multi-year experience is precious to ensure constant cost-control and accurate planning at SEP.
Nawal Aradeh
project manager

Nawal is a trained teacher. She lives in Jerash ''Gaza'' Camp, where she has supervised an array of women handicraft work before. She took SEP from a 20-ladies group to a team of 300.
Asma Saleh
quality control manager

Asma is a talented embroiderer from Jerash ''Gaza'' Camp.

Asma's creativity, versatility and flexibility are key assets from the design phase to the quality control phase.

Mahmoud Al Haj
regional project coordinator

Mahmoud is a multi-faceted talent from Jerash and Zarqa. A photographer and interpreter by background, a gifted problem-solver, he is relishing the social impact he generates with SEP, every day.
Waseem Salameh
project manager

"The SEP workshop without Waseem would be like a house without a door and windows" is said at the SEP Workshop in Jerash camp. Waseem manages the logistics behind working with artists from Syria in the Jerash municipality and he always finds the solution.

SEP advance the following SDGs

No Poverty
Good Health And Well-Being
Decent Work And Economic Growth
Reduced Inequalities
Responsible Consumption And Production
Partnerships For The Goals