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SEP in the Press: Huffington Post article by Chaker Khazaal identifies SEP as part of the solution

April 9, 2015

SEP is seen as part of the solution by Author Chaker Khazaal on his recent Huffington Post Article: ''Palestinian Refugees: Employment is the Solution''

Abstract: ``Roberta Ventura, founder of The Social Enterprise Project -- SEP -- shares such a belief. One of SEP's main objectives is to revive hope and passion in the remote Palestinian Refugee Camp of Jerash, through the art of craftsmanship.

Locally known as 'Gaza Camp', it was established in 1968 as an "emergency" site for 11,500 Palestinian refugees and displaced persons. I was told by Ms. Ventura that "today, there are no statistics of the camp's population, but we estimate it at 30,000 refugees."

SEP's mission is to provide fair and steady employment to a workforce of Palestinian refugees hired to hand embroider stylish accessory pieces. Although in the early stages of development, Roberta has big plans for SEP, visualizing the scope of a global audience. Expanding her team to keep up with international demands of luxury gift buying consumers would be a dream come true''.