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zip clutch, take 2 Lady with jute tote bag Blue and white kuffieh
A shawl with SEP tag in evidence Beach towels, all nicely wrapped

Infinity pattern

The Alhambra collection
SEP at the Maldives A beach towel to relax on the beach SEP at the Maldives SEP at the Maldives again
Alhambra pattern on the Amna clutches Ethical fashion at its best SEP is elegance Lady on a staircase
A pattern like no others A pattern like no others, take 2 Classic elegance For our home collection: "testata di letto"
Home collection, a unique piece Another unique piece of fashion design For our Home collection: napkins For our Home collection: placemats
Do you wish something unique as a present? A unique present for a fashion lady Table runner
Kuffieh like no others Kuffieh that are new and fresh May kuffieh Linda Kuffieh
Best kuffieh ever Best kuffieh ever, take 2 Kuffieh, red and white Kuffieh, black and red
This is the rose clutch A fashion accessory that is unique
Designing new and fresh stuff Hand embroidered for you Najaf scarf, 1 Najaf scarf, 1
Moustache canvas bag, 1 Moustache canvas bag 2 Moustache, French stick technique Moustache, French stick technique