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Cushion Covers: a splash of color, a statement for your living room. Mix and match our geometric patterns: Alhambra®, Sultan Han®, Kutubia®, Putrajaya® all inspired by ancient architectural masterpieces. Each cushion is patiently hand-embroidered and then assembled by hand in Jerash, Jordan. Feel the energy of the SEP embroidery Artist, when scrolling your hand on our cushions: we find it magical!


The SEP table linens : we select the purest linen, stone-washed and softened, the best match for our precious embroideries. Linen tablecloths may be ordered in natural, off-white or graphite. Dimensions: 180x350 or 180x280. Each creation is a piece unique and reflects the artist's personal embroidery style.

hand-embroidered cushion cover luxury interiors
SFr. 150
Koutubia Embroidered Cushion Cover
Beautiful kuffieh - SEP Jordan
SFr. 210
Putrajaya Embroidered Cushion Cover
Beautiful kuffieh - SEP Jordan
SFr. 150
Sultan Han Embroidered Cushion Cover
hand-embroidered cushion covers by refugees craftsmanship
SFr. 210
Alhambra Embroidered Cushion Cover
linen apron hand-embroidered in jordan by refugees
SFr. 60
Beautiful kuffieh - SEP Jordan
SFr. 30
linen hand towel embroidery social enterprise
SFr. 18
craftsmanship hand-embroidered tablecloth linen by refugees in jordan
SFr. 990
Alhambra tablecloth
embroidery heritage palestinian pattern craftsmanship on linen tablecloth
SFr. 850
Geometric Hearts and Flowers tablecloth