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Fabrics, Techniques, Patterns


All our suppliers assure us they do not use harmful chemicals and they work with their employees within ILO guidelines. It is important to us that our materials are of top quality, they respect the environment and human beings and can be passed on to your children and theirs! 


While at SEP we mainly deploy the cross-stitch technique, at the SEP-Tamari Academy we train artists in many other embroidery techniques, some of which are thought to be extinct. Try us out in out-of-the-box techniques, for a special occasion or event!


The story behind SEP PATTERNS:

Each SEP creation is born out of a unique marriage between modern stylish colours, materials, moods and the heritage, the history represented by each pattern.

We research and develop each pattern, to make sure we stay true to its roots: the registered patterns Alhambra®, Koutubia®, Putrajaia®, Sultan Han® are cross-stitch adaptations of masterpieces of architecture; their original objective was to re-create the perfection of our Creator by the means of art. We try to do just that, by the hands of a SEP artist, each time we embroider one of our creations. 

The traditional Palestinian patterns talk about villages, ceremonies, heritage; they talk about the roots which are so hard to protect, when you are a refugee, away from your home. This is precisely what SEP endeavour to protect and treasure, with each of our creations.